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As a full service provider of air filtration products and services, Tate Engineering is leading the way in offering next generation solutions from prominent suppliers. We are pleased to sell products made by American Air Filters, a leading manufacturer of complex HEPA air filters for industrial environments.

American Air Filters self-contained dust collection systems are economical to operate, easy to maintain, and require minimal floor space. We also offer a complete line of bag filter houses, replacement cartridges, bags, and activated carbon cartridges. With our replaceable panel filters, easily protect your HVAC equipment from excessive dust and particulate. Finally, our Roll-O-Mat products are made from premium quality fiberglass media and designed for use in all models of our Roll-O-Matic automatic roll filters. We strive to offer our customers with the latest solutions in air filtration and our products are widely used by industries such as utilities, government, military, power generation, and food & beverage.

This commitment to continued training helps us keep our excellent safety record, and most importantly, our employees and facilities safe.

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