Filtration Elements

Tate Engineering features high-quality filter elements with a high dirt-holding capacity to ensure consistent filter efficiency and long element life. These elements are available with various filter materials, different construction types and micron ratings to help protect your critical system components. Tate’s wide range of filter elements provide trouble-free operation and less down time at your facility. Tate can offer parts or package solutions specific to your needs, designed to achieve the specific cleanliness requirements for your application.

Dust Collectors
Dust Collection removes harmful particulates created by industrial and power generation processes

Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring helps monitor corrosion in real time to determine equipment or material vulnerability to corrosion

Gas Phase Equipment & Cassettes
AAF offers the most energy efficient design and construction surpassing any competitor’s cassettes. Available in Heavy Duty, Medium Duty, and Cleanroom Grade

Hydraulic & Fuel Filtration
Hydraulic and Fuel Filters protect and clean fuel, hydraulic and lubricating systems

Pleated Filters
Pleated Air Filters keep your HVAC and HEPA systems operating smoothly and efficiently, providing clean air to your facilities

Process Filtration
Liquid Process Filters protect and clean manufacturing and chemical processes

Water Purification
Water filters, filtration systems, and separators are key elements in the preservation of our limited water supply and our industrial vitality 

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