Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is also known as indoor environmental quality. It is a way to gauge how indoor air can impact the health, ability to work, and comfort of people working in your organization. It includes the level of humidity, temperature, lack of outside air or poor ventilation, and exposure to any chemicals or mold caused by water damage.

UV disinfection is even more critical for commercial given the number of building occupants and possible infiltration of contaminants. Like residential, we focus on eradicating mold, bacteria, and viruses found in the HVAC coil areas helping to create a better working environment, increase productivity, lessen the opportunity for litigation from sick buildings.

Other benefits include increased, equipment efficiency and eliminating the need for frequent, costly coil cleaning.

UV for Commercial Applications:

  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitals, Clinics, etc.
  • School Systems, Universities
  • Veterinarians
  • Food Service
  • Manufcaturing Services
  • & Many more

What Are The Main Causes of Indoor Pollution?

Some of the most common causes of indoor pollution include:

  • No ventilation, or inadequate ventilation in the building.
  • Lack of fresh (outdoor) air or influx of contaminated air into the building.
  • Poor maintenance of the HVAC system.
  • Moisture and dampness damage caused by leaks, high humidity levels, or flooding.
  • Indoor activities, such as remodeling, painting, or reconstruction.
  • Outdoor and indoor contaminated air.
  • Use of toxic products and chemicals.
Other leading causes may include less obvious reason, such as:

  • Asbestos can be a leading cause of indoor pollution. It is a material widely used in the construction industry. If you are working in an old building, it may be the culprit of poor air quality.

  • Tobacco smoke and fumes are difficult to detect as air pollutants.

  • If the outdoor environment around your building is damp, then your HVAC may also bring in contaminants that flourish in a damp environment. These include mold, dust mites, bacteria, and mildew. Animal dander can also come in and make the occupants of the building sick.

  • If your building has a kitchen and other fireplaces, poor air ventilation in these areas may cause poor IAQ.

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