Tate Engineering is a leading service and solution provider for energy saving boiler systems. Offering the latest boiler, heater, and storage systems from Parker Industrial Boilers, we strive to provide cost effective solutions that improve facility operations.

These packaged flex tube boilers operate with gas, propane, straight oil, bio gas, digester gas and propane with low NOx emissions. We also sell an entire line of Parker atmospheric and power burners that help yield significant efficiency and cost savings. Our line of packaged thermal oil heaters are manufactured in sizes between 126,000 and 6,250,000 BTU, with straight or propane gas fired models. We also provide Parker storage tanks, used for hot or cold water, glycol mixtures, or thermal fluids. These tanks are available in sizes ranging from 4.6 to 2,950 gallons. Our highly trained team has provided OEM parts and services to a variety of industries including industrial, institutional, power generation, utilities, food & beverage, agriculture, government, and military.

This commitment to continued training helps us keep our excellent safety record, and most importantly, our employees and facilities safe.

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