For commercial air compressor applications on the Eastern Shore, Maryland customers rely on Tate Engineering for the latest products and services to support their facility. Our team has selected Quincy Compressors, a company with an established reputation for uncompromising quality in the climate control market.

Quincy reciprocating compressors range between ½ to 30 HP, are available in pressure lubricated or non-lubricated, and can be base or tank mounted. Designed for continuous operation, the QR-25 and QP are available in single or 2-stage configurations. For the most acfm per brake horsepower, the Quincy QT line ensures more air while consuming less energy. All units are available in “PRO” or “MAX” configurations, with added features such as ball valve tank drain, vibration isolators, auto start/stop, and extended warranty. We are also an OEM spare parts and solutions provider. From commercial to climate control, we strive to help our customers build profitability and growth using state-of-the-art air compressor products.

This commitment to continued training helps us keep our excellent safety record, and most importantly, our employees and facilities safe.

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