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SCADAR™ from CMC offers market-leading, innovative and technically advanced solutions that streamline
traditional compressed air system audits.

First, our SCADAR™ data loggers incorporate high quality sensors to collect and store information relating to a system’s pressure, temperature, moisture dew point and flow rate. In addition, our current and voltage loggers enable true power to be accurately established.

The very latest bluetooth technology then enables this information to be effortlessly transferred from up to 20 data loggers to a single, intelligent SCADAR™ base station.

In turn, the base station transfers this data to our SCADAR.NET cloud computing platform. Here, it is encrypted and stored so that it can be securely accessed and interrogated by users 24 hours a day.

Customers taking advantage of SCADAR ™ technology benefit from:

  • Technically advanced analytics solutions tailored to their specific individual requirements
  • Simple compressed air system data collection
  • Wireless transfer of data
  • The ability to quickly chart, graph and prepare professional audit reports through a user friendly online wizard tool
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