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Energy Efficiency Audits for Industrial Facilities

Did you know that energy efficient audits make a measurable difference in your company’s operations, usually to the tune of 10-20 percent savings, or even as high as 40 percent?

When you look at your systems piece by piece and unit by unit, you can uncover sources of unwanted energy waste that add up to a significant savings opportunity.

Mechanical system efficiency audits are a smart way to increase equipment performance by identifying thermal losses or any electrical deficiencies in your mechanical systems, not to mention keep up with government guidelines and maintain a safe environment.

Audit the Big Energy Spenders

  • Boilers: Provide great opportunities for increased efficiencies, including decreased heat loss, enhanced heat recovery and overall better process control.
  • Filters: Must be changed regularly to foster effective air or liquid flow and increase efficiency.
  • Compressed Air: A major energy culprit due to its low efficiency. With preventative maintenance and consistent monitoring, Tate can identify and eradicate leaks to reduce air leakage and pressure and increase efficiency with lower operating temps and increased moisture control.
  • Pumps: We look at the individual components of your pumps to identify any areas that can be optimized.
  • HVAC Systems: One of the biggest energy consumers and therefore potential areas for wasted energy. Tate can help ensure optimal operation and efficiency through energy efficiency audits that identify hot, cold or humid spots.
  • Electrical: Tate can evaluate your electrical system to make sure that it is functioning optimally and not “leaking” energy.

Compressed Air Audits By SCADAR

We’ve partnered with SCADAR™ from CMC to bring you market-leading, innovative and technically advanced mechanical system efficiency audit solutions that streamline the traditional compressed air system audit with next generation processes.

The Benefits of Mechanical System Efficiency Audits

SCADAR™ data loggers use high quality sensors to collect and store information about a system’s pressure, temperature, moisture dew point and flow rate.

Current and voltage loggers measure true power. Leveraging the latest Bluetooth technology, this data (from up to 20 loggers) is transmitted to a single, intelligent SCADAR base station, which sends it to our SCADAR.NET cloud computing platform.

Here, it is encrypted and stored for secure access and 24/7/365 accessibility.
In short, SCADAR offers:
  • Technologically advanced analytics solutions tailored to your specific requirements
  • Simple compressed air system data collection
  • Wireless data transfer
  • The tools to quickly chart, graph and prepare professional audit reports through a user friendly online wizard tool
An energy efficiency audit usually pays for itself many times over in savings and increased efficiencies. Tate offers complimentary audits to facilities in their footprint. Schedule yours today.
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