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The Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Water Pumps

As with all equipment, preventative maintenance is not just lip service.

We have seen its importance over the years and the power it has to prevent issues down the road.

Not only does it promote equipment longevity, but regular preventative maintenance actually increases productivity, reduces downtime and prevents injury.

An added bonus?

With regular preventative maintenance, the parts that wear out are usually the more cost-effective ones. We recommend a disciplined plan that’s followed daily, quarterly and annually. Make sure to follow manufacturers’ instructions – or for even more peace of mind, let us help with the maintenance.

General Industrial Pumps Preventative Maintenance

For optimal pump performance, check these things daily:

  • Track bearing temperature, vibration and fluid level.
  • Check all seals for leakage, packing to leak at the rate of 40-60 drops/min.
  • Listen, feel and look for the vibration of equipment.
  • Monitor the discharge pressure.

Quarterly look at the following:

For optimal pump performance, check these things daily:

  • Change any oil or re-grease every three months or 2,000 operating hours, whichever comes first.
  • Regrease motor bearings according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Equipment foundation – check to make sure anchor bolts are tight.
  • Monitor shaft alignment.
We highly recommend preventative maintenance as a low cost way to keep high costs at bay. For continuous enhanced functioning of your industrial pumps and other mechanical equipment, enlist us as your preventative maintenance team.
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