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The Power of Preventative Maintenance for Compressed Air Systems

We cannot overstate the importance of preventative maintenance.

Over 90 Years of Experience

Taking proper care of your equipment now will ensure that it lasts longer and performs better down the line. It also helps avoid breakdowns and the much dreaded downtime.

With over 90 years of experience servicing compressed air systems, the Tate Engineering team has the know-how to keep your system running smoothly. Our compressor preventative maintenance program is designed to minimize unscheduled downtime, ensure safe operation, and maintain an overall efficient system – win, win and win.

What Tate’s Preventive Maintenance Can Do for You

  • Provide Peace of Mind
  • Assure Faster Emergency Response Time
  • Save on Time and Material
  • Save Fuel Costs
  • Provide a Planned Maintenance Cost for Budgeting

Some Included Preventative Maintenance Services

  • Change Oil
  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Check For Oil & Air Leaks
  • Top Off Oil Sump
  • Inspect & Clean Air Intake Filters
  • Drain Air Receiver(s)
  • Tighten Belts
  • Check Dryer Operation
  • Blow Out Dryer Coils
  • Blow Out Coolers
  • Drain Control Filter
  • Lubricate Electric Motor
  • Check Electric Controls
  • Check Modulating Control
  • Check Safety Valves
  • Check Unloading Mechanism
  • Check Motor Amp Draw
  • Check Air Delivery (c.f.m.)
  • Mainline Filter Element
  • Clean Dryer Drain
  • Clean Scavenger Line & Orifice
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