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Comprehensive Commercial Filtration Services

Mechanical equipment is only as effective as its filtration system elements.

High Quality Filters

Products built for purification purposes like water filtration cease to work when their filtration elements fail or are not updated correctly.

Tate selects only high-quality filter elements with a high dirt-holding capacity to ensure consistent filter efficiency and long element life.

You can get these elements with various filter materials, different construction types and varied micron ratings to help protect your critical system components. Our large variety of filter elements provide trouble-free operation and decreased downtime.

Order parts or package solutions specific to your needs, all designed to achieve the specific cleanliness requirements for your application:

  • Compressed Air & Gas Treatment: Keep your compressors safe and humming by filtering out particulates that build up and slow or stall the equipment.
  • Hydraulic & Fuel Filtration: Protect and clean fuel, hydraulic and lubricating systems.
  • Liquid Process Filtration: Protect and clean manufacturing and chemical processes.
  • Water Purification: Water filters, filtration systems, and separators are key elements in the preservation of our limited water supply and our industrial vitality.
  • Gas Phase Equipment & Cassettes: We recommend AAF, since they offer the most energy efficient design and construction, surpassing any competitor’s cassettes. They’re available in Heavy Duty, Medium Duty, and Cleanroom Grade.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Track corrosion in real time to determine equipment or material vulnerability to corrosion.
  • Pleated Filters: Keep your HVAC and HEPA systems operating smoothly and efficiently, providing clean air to your facilities.
  • Dust Collectors: Remove harmful particulates created by industrial and power generation processes.

A Word About Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen gas isn’t easy to get. Procuring a continuous and secure supply can be difficult and expensive, whether you opt for high pressure cylinders, liquid mini tanks or bulk storage vessels.

Parker Domnick Hunter introduced an easier and more affordable solution with its range of proven gas generation systems that enable users to produce their total demand for nitrogen gas on their premises, under their complete control.

With these  innovative G1 and G2 systems, facilities can generate as much or as little nitrogen as needed at the required purity and at a fraction of the cost of having gas delivered by an external supplier.

G1 and G2 Benefits
  • Correct Purity
    • Always provides the right purity for the application. This ensures the lowest energy consumption and maximum savings on unit gas cost.
  • Energy Efficient
    • Gas on demand with automatic stand-by mode (using zero compressed air) ensures lowest operating costs.
    • Multi-bank cascading to reduce energy with varying demand applications provides flexibility and lowest operating costs.
  • Compressed Air Pre-Treatment
    • A dedicated pre-treatment package means the system can operate from any compressed air source, safely and securely ensuring maximum service life with lowest cost of ownership.
    • Smaller, more compact and lightweight.
  • Modular Design
    • Modular construction means less than half the size of conventional designs providing lowest cost installation and saving on valuable floor space.
    • 100% stand-by at a fraction of the cost.
    • 10-year guarantee on pressure envelope (PSA).
    • Constant nitrogen quality due to snowstorm filling (PSA).
    • Easy add-on sub units (membrane).
    • Controller / receptor configuration (membrane).
    • Easy and flexible installation.
    • Fits through standard doorway (no need for structural work).
    • Minimum footprint.
  • Reliable and easy to maintain
    • Very few consumable components.
    • In multi-bank installations, individual modules can be isolated for maintenance without disruption to production, reducing downtime and providing lowest cost of ownership.
  • Industry Compliant
    • GOST-R, PED, CE, UL, CRN, FDA Article 21*, CRN (MAXIGAS), EIGA Food & Pharmaceutical.
To order or get more information on these filtration systems, contact your local branch.
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