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Industrial Compressed Air Systems Manufacturers

We’re proud to offer compressor products from these proven manufacturers.

Kaishan Rotary Screw Air Compressors

A premier supplier of stationary electric rotary screw compressors, Kaishan Compressor is one of the only manufacturers offering a Lifetime Warranty on their premium airends.

While Kaishan provides a variety of air compressors that fit different environments and specific uses, rotary screw compressors have many clear advantages, including lower operating costs and premium electric control systems.

Rotary Screw Compressor Types

You can choose from several rotary screw compressor models:

  • KRSB – Belt Drive Compressor Ranging from 10 HP to 50 HP
  • KRST – Tank Mount Belt Drive Compressor ranging from 7.5 HP to 20 HP
  • KRSD – Single Stage Direct Drive Compressor ranging from 30HP to 200 HP
  • KRSP – Premium Direct Drive Compressor ranging from 20 HP to 500 HP
  • KRSP2 – Two Stage Air Compressor ranging from 100 HP to 500 HP
Save. Adapt. Leverage.

Why Choose a Kaishan Rotary Air Compressor?

  • Save Money and Energy: This technologically advanced product not only adjusts air output, ranging from zero to 100 percent, but also achieves exceptional energy savings. When the air consumption decreases, the machine’s air output and motor electric current decline as well. If the compressor is not consuming air after an extended period, it will idle and shut off. When the air consumption increases, the compressor will automatically start.
  • Adapt Easily: These electric industrial screw air compressors are extremely flexible due to their efficient cooling system. In addition to withstanding high temperatures and humid working environments, Kaishan’s stationary electric screw compressor has excellent vibration isolation. These systems have noise reduction technology, and you won’t need a special base for installation. A small area is sufficient for proper air circulation and machine maintenance.
  • Leverage a State of the Art Electric Control System: With protection functions and powerful fault diagnosis, the control system is one of the best features of this compressor. Intelligent components control the equipment, so it can function 24/7 without human monitoring. When the controls detect a fault, they implement proactive steps immediately. The energy-saving mode makes the air output equal to the air consumption and controls the flow by altering the motor’s rotating speed. It has better performance and fewer leakage risks than the competition.

Our Valued Compressor Partners

We also offer compressed air systems from these valued partners.

  • BEKO
  • Mikropor
  • Infinity
  • Deltech
  • Airtek
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