Blackmer and Pump Solutions Group

At Tate Engineering, we are a prominent Mid-Atlantic distributor for mission-critical flow products and solutions. We’ve partnered with Blackmer Pump Solutions Group to sell a full line of their rotary vane pumps, featuring variable speed mag drive options, eccentric disc, and peristaltic hose configurations.

Our line of Blackmer rotary vane pumps are designed for low flow and high head applications; a key performance requirement when processing solvents, natural gas, paint/coatings, oil & gas, beverages, and abrasives. We provide innovative high quality rotary vane pumps to our customers offering next generation technology that focuses on performance. Serving commercial, industrial, utilities, power generation, and wastewater markets, we help our customers achieve energy savings, environmental compliance, and optimized facility operations.

Our Line of PSG Mouvex Sealless eccentric disc pumps are designed to effectively minimize product waste and dramatically improve production Yields. Mouvex is leading the way with its SLC Series and C Series Eccentric Disc Pumps thanks to their seal-free design that requires no magnets, no mechanical seals and no packing. SLC Series and C Series pumps feature strong suction, self-priming, line-stripping and dry run capabilities while providing the superior product containment and low shear that is mandatory when handling isocyanates. SLC models are available in stainless steel, while C Series pumps are available in stainless steel and ductile iron. All three are ideal for handling any type of isocyanate.

This commitment to continued training helps us keep our excellent safety record, and most importantly, our employees and facilities safe.

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