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Where experience counts, our team of experts are qualified, safety-conscious employees committed to fulfilling our customer’s needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.


The experienced management team at Tate Engineering is comprised of some of the most technically capable and innovative individuals in the mechanical equipment industry. We’ve formed a cohesive and effective unit with more than 90 years of expertise, capable of handling projects of any size and requirement. 

Technology and Innovation

Offering comprehensive industrial mechanical system solutions and field services, Tate Engineering employs a dedicated preplanning process to identify optimal construction processes, opportunities to modularize critical mechanical equipment, and meet or beat project and shutdown schedules.

Commitment to Safety and Quality

Our core philosophy at Tate Engineering is that of Safe, Quality Production. We offer superior safety planning and training in compliance with OSHA, ASME, and NBIC standards to ensure that we stay on the path to industry-leading safety excellence.

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Customer Service Feedback

At Tate Engineering, we are committed to the delivery of excellence by adhering to the highest customer service standards.

Whether you are providing feedback, paying a compliment or making a complaint, your input is the key to improving our products and services.

You may contact us to provide feedback, pay a compliment or make a complaint, in any of the following ways.

  1. By sending a letter to
    Tate Engineering
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    ATTN: Jessica Wilking
  2. By sending a fax to 410-242-7777
  3. By submitting a survey here: Survey
  4. By telephoning Tate Engineering at 1-800-800-TATE (8283)

Customer Accounts

To set up an account with Tate Engineering Systems, Inc., download the Customer Account Establishment Form and either e-mail or fax a copy to:Customerapps@tate.comAccounting Department Fx. 443.718.4421


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