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Top Quality Commercial Parts and Fluids for Compressors

Along with offering the compressor parts you need to get the job done, we take pride in providing the best rotary screw compressor fluids in the industry. These fluids were engineered specifically to withstand the rigorous requirements of today’s compressors in a multitude of environments.

Top Quality Parts and Fluids for Compressors

n addition to supplying the essential compressor components required for your tasks, we are dedicated to delivering the finest rotary screw compressor fluids available in the market. These specialized fluids have been meticulously engineered to endure the demanding demands of modern compressors across a wide range of operational settings.

Our synthetic compressor lubricants are the result of exclusive proprietary formulations, designed to surpass the capabilities of any comparable fluid on the market. You’ll immediately discern the distinction through several key performance advantages, including:


  • Decreased Varnish and Carbon Deposits
  • Extended Drain Intervals
  • Lower Oil Volatility and Flammability
  • Excellent Demulsibility
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Wide Temperature Ranges

Unparalleled Formulations for Superior Performance:

Our synthetic compressor lubricants are not just any ordinary fluids; they are the outcome of painstaking research and exclusive proprietary formulations. Our mission is to offer you lubricants that go beyond the capabilities of any comparable fluids available in the market. These proprietary formulations are the result of extensive engineering and rigorous testing, all aimed at delivering exceptional results.

Here's why our lubricants stand out:

Enhanced Efficiency:

Our lubricants are meticulously engineered to enhance the overall efficiency of your compressors. They reduce friction and wear on moving components, leading to smoother operation and increased energy efficiency. As a result, you’ll notice a positive impact on your compressor’s performance and energy consumption.

Extended Equipment Lifespan:

One of the most significant advantages of our synthetic lubricants is their ability to prolong the lifespan of your compressor. With reduced friction and wear, your equipment experiences less stress and undergoes minimal mechanical strain. This translates to a longer operational life, which is not only cost-effective but also reduces the need for frequent replacements.

Reduced Maintenance Costs:

The exceptional properties of our lubricants mean less maintenance is required. The reduced wear and tear on components result in fewer breakdowns and maintenance interventions. This equates to cost savings in terms of both parts replacement and labor, allowing you to allocate your resources more efficiently.

Enhanced Thermal Stability:

Our lubricants are designed to withstand high operating temperatures. Their remarkable thermal stability ensures that your compressors can operate efficiently even in demanding environments where heat may be a concern. This feature is particularly important for continuous and heavy-duty applications.

Improved Resistance to Contaminants:

Contaminants in the form of dust, dirt, or moisture can compromise the performance of your compressor. Our lubricants have enhanced resistance to such contaminants, reducing the risk of damage and the need for filtration or cleaning.

Environmental Responsibility:

We take environmental responsibility seriously. Our synthetic lubricants are formulated to be environmentally friendly, with low volatility and reduced emissions. This commitment to sustainability aligns with modern environmental standards and your corporate responsibility.

Well-lubricated equipment performs better, period. Protect your expensive equipment with our true premium synthetic lubricant. And call us today to help with any compressor parts you may need. Call 800-800-TATE.